My name is Mariana, I am 22 years old and I am a Historian. I was born in November 17th 1988 and I live with my parents in Goiânia, Brazil. 

If I haven't studied History, I would have studied Psicology. (something that I'll do someday). I've been trying to put these two things together, studying the life and the fantastic work of Nise da Silveira . She reorganized psychiatry in Brazil, eding with treatments like lobotomy and eletric shocks. Instead, the so called "crazy" started paiting as a way to lead a way out to enclosed thoughts.

I love reading, I am obssessed about movies and, like Nietzsche, I believe that life without music is a mistake. I am also an animê and mangá fan. I had a band in High School, called Glass Onion. I was the lead singer and we only wrote one song, called "Baby Let's do it" (LOL) My favorite band is Led Zeppelin. I love video games and for almost all my life the only video game I had was a Super Nintendo (I bought a PS2 in 2009 but I still have my Snes). I like Marvel comic books. You may think I'm a nerd, yes, maybe. But I'm not a genious one, I'm terrible with calculation, I can't deal with computers very well and though I love games, I'm a terrible player.

I hate discussing about politics and religion. I can't stand being in a place playing bad music. I'm a shopaholic and workaholic (sounds confusing uhn?) I'm a bit compulsive (specially with food), sometimes I'm bad tempered (I can really be a pain in the ass) and I'm very sensitive too (I start crying really easily). I curse a lot. I can also be really girly. I like nice clothes and make up. (should I be ashamed of this?)
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