Sunday, 3 January 2010

Welcome 2010

Well... it's strange to think that a whole decade is over and now I have two on by back. I can't help thinking that I'm getting older but somehow I like to believe that I'm also getting better.

2009 was shitty, (I wrote some posts about shitty moments of the year) but, by no means it was a total waste. I have learned a lot and some doors are open to me now and that should be enough (for now).

Of course I always have new year's resolutions, here are mine for 2010:

1) lose weigh
Losing weigh has been the top priority for the last decade, and I'm sorry to tell that this still is resolution #1. I should terminate all those extra kilos or I'll get sick. I have a surgery to be done this month and a diet to follow, I should discipline myself now that the thing isn't only esthetical. (Whereas looking good isn't a bad idea).

2) graduate
I won't waste more time. 6 months is a lot and it's awful to feel like you were left behind, but as Jimmy and Robert used to say That's "nobody's fault but mine".

3) pass on the driving exam
I NEED this. I hope I can get my driver's license in January.

4) save money
This has always been a problem to me but U2 is on it's way to Brazil (I hope) this year and I have a childhood dream to make come true. lol

5) get in the psycology school
Since my godmother said she would help me with the expenses. As soon as I am with my diploma in hands I should start studying to get a new one.

That's all, I think. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's eve. I wish you all an amazing 2010.

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Mira said...

I love your new layout! The old one was good, but the image got broken because you exceeded your bandwidth, I think.

I like your resolutions. Having a clear goal is always a good thing. Good health is the most important, of course, but graduating should also be one of the priorities. I do hope you will get into psychology school. I know how much you want it.

I do want to graduate in 2010, I really need it.

You feel old? My husband will be 30 in a few months, and he's already whining about how old he is, he's not young anymore, how can I be with an old man like him? (I am only 15 months younger than him btw).